Monday, December 12, 2011

Mad Cow Background Arts

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Alan Carruthers said...

Hey Zhuo

Its interesting to see backgrounds done for animation of places that Ive been to. I like you take on the inside of Newgrange. I recently did a digital painting of the same view for a class im taking.



dublin, Ireland
This is Zhuo Wang, I’m an experienced Game and Animation Concept and Background artist (Please view my LinkedIn site to view my work history and comments from prominent members of the Games and Animation Industry in Ireland. I have had a number of editorial illustrations published in Ireland and abroad, worked as a background artist on an award-winning CBeebies show, and have had a number of private commissions for portraits and worked on a number of personal projects. I work in pencil, pen and ink and Photoshop and more! I have worked in for game development, animation and design industries for several years in Ireland as a Concept artist, Background artist and art director. Past clients include;Houghton Mifflin Harcourt ; BOXFRAME(UK); Kavaleer ; Monster Animation ; Boulder Media ; FLICKERPIX (Northern Ireland) 0876712721